Put a Crow on it*

*14,490 Peak Census, 2018-19 Season

Home is the Journey They Make

"She kneels down, and from the quietness of copper reaches out. We take that stillness into ourselves, and somewhere deep in the earth our breath becomes her city. If she could speak this is what she would say: Follow that breath. Home is the journey we make. This is how the world knows where we are." ~Portlandia statue poem, Ronald Talney

Stillness in the City--Disrupted

The Hazing of Portland’s Crow Roost

Vaux’s Swifts roost by the thousands in the chimney of a Portland school each fall, a cherished gift of natural splendor and fascinating migratory phenomenon that draws families and naturalists alike together to marvel and study the birds.

Similarly, thousands of American Crows come to downtown Portland each winter to roost together, a stunning nightly rendezvous that is an essential survival strategy. Communal winter roosting by crows is likely as old as the species itself--and is now being intentionally disrupted by Portland Clean & Safe. 

We invite you to read, learn and consider joining our efforts to support Portland's Urban Crow Roost.

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Portland Crow Roost

Downtown Portland, OR 97201, US

Year-round, sunset to sunrise, in numbers exceeding 13K at its winter peak. Most recent location of roost @ blue pin, below.